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Thank You, and Good Bye

It is with not a little sadness and regret that we bid good bye to our very first home today. Packing up everything took almost two weeks, and it’s surprising how much momentoes and little bric-à-bracs one accumulates in six … Continue reading

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I am the Master of Abrazare

You ask why there’s a man under my foot? That’s because I’ve put thousands in that situation, thanks to the art of abrazare. My victory is symbolised by the palm branch I carry in my right hand, since I never … Continue reading

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Keeping Baby Entertained

Finally found a way to keep the little one from sucking on his mittens. Not very elegant perhaps, but hey, “If it’s stupid and it works, it ain’t stupid”. Believe me, it’s starting to take a lot to keep the … Continue reading

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Irony is…

… seeing a broken down pickup truck on the way home from work… owned by one MacGyver Engineering company (no, I’m not making this up)! I suppose the driver didn’t have any duct tape and paper clips on him.

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