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Macross Frontier

Well, that’s that. After a roller-coaster ride of great dog-fights and glorious music, the last episode of Macross Frontier went out with not a bang, but a whimper. I expected more, damnit! Oh well. Gotta wait for the OVA for … Continue reading

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Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and laugh. Haven’t had hair this short since BMT… What else did you expect from a barber at the base? On the plus side, it feels ~A LOT ~ cooler.

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Making Love In A Canoe

Why the guys here use it to play Beer Pong, I have no idea. All I feel even after drinking six bottles is just a need to go to the toilet. Seriously, you’d probably get a better rush drinking Coke.

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Heroes Season III: Villans

I get U.S. cable here, and they’re showing season 3 of Heroes! woot!

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A Different Perspective

One thing about coming so far away from home for a tour of duty, is getting your sense of perspective twisted around and seeing things we take for granted back home in a new light. Little things which we tend … Continue reading

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Six Degrees

Sometimes, your past comes back to haunt you. Sometimes, it’s someone connected to your past that taunts you. Too many memories. Oh well. Water under the bridge and all that shit. People are entitled to do stupid things when they’re … Continue reading

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A (short!) Commentary on Macross I’ve been catching up on episodes of Macross Frontier in my spare time, and comparing it with my (hazy!) memories of the original SDF Macross from more than 20 years ago, I see that it … Continue reading

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Mooncakes in the Middle East

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, every one! Mooncakes from Hai Tien Lo, smuggled in for a taste of home while here.

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Thing I Learnt About Myself Today.

I don’t like angry drunks. I mean, I don’t mind drunks in general, and I have been in an inebriated state on more than one occasion, but I’m usually a happy drunk. As a matter of fact, I like happy … Continue reading

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Audio / Visual Update ’08 – VII

Audio/Visual Update Audio:Slave In the B&O: +The Sex, the City, the Music: Shanghai +Monkey Majik: 空はまるで +Queen: Greatest Hits +The Rolling Stones: Rolled Gold +Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary +Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival Visual:Slave In the DVD: +Heroes Season … Continue reading

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