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Good Lord. Not another Hare-Hare-Yukai style ED

ED from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (乃木坂春香の秘密) Seriously though, for an anime to poke fun of the Akiba-Kei and Otaku sub-culture isn’t entirely new (c.f. Densha Otoko, and NHK ni Yōkoso! (N・H・Kにようこそ)), but it does put a twist in changing … Continue reading

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Riders in the Sky

Black Knights rehearsal for the National Day Parade over Kallang River.

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Patapon madness. It’s annoying, yet strangely hypnotic and endearing at the same time. Another one of those things that drive you over the edge of sanity…

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Wifey’s Birthday, 27 Jul 08

And so, off we went to Picotin for a quiet meal. It’s a nice, casual place, with great food in lush greenery of the former turf club. Oh, and very, very alert staff, and the owners who seem to like … Continue reading

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Audio / Visual Update ’08 – V

Audio/Visual Update Audio:Slave In the B&O: +The Sex, the City, the Music: Shanghai +Monkey Majik: 空はまるで +Queen: Greatest Hits +The Rolling Stones: Rolled Gold +Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary Visual:Slave In the DVD: +Heroes Season 2 +My Neighbor Totoro +Appleseed: … Continue reading

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How 4chan Am I?

21% huh? That can’t be bad, right? You are 21% 4chan material.   You’re not really that cut out for 4chan, but hey, not everyone understands us. If you want to become one of us, trying lurking more (known to … Continue reading

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Gone Hiking

Woke up early yesterday, and guess where we went? Word of advice: Go early and enjoy the cool morning air, before the crowds swarm the place, and you’ll get to see the wild life and enjoy the peace.

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Metal Gear Solid 4

Oh god. Back to Shadow Moses. And a serious lol moment in this cut-scene. If you don’t get the reference, this is the same place when you had to change discs for the first Metal Gear Solid game way back … Continue reading

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Syllabus Form 13 Jul 08

Doing the Syllabus Form last night at sword class was…. disorienting. Having missed most of the lessons when we were taught the Form here in Singapore (%$#@! work schedule!), I finally got it down while in Finland, where it was … Continue reading

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PC Still Dead

This sucks. Looks like I may have to go and buy a new one.

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